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Create your free, personalized guide to register and find funding for your New Jersey or out-of-state business.

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See the forms and licenses specific to starting your business and avoiding fines. Be prepared to tell us your business structure, industry, and business location.

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Identify funding programs and certifications across State agencies that fit your business.

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Step-by-Step Guide

Example step-by-step guide from the My Profile application to check business name availability, get your tax registration from the IRS, and more. A progress bar that shows completion of business formation.
Knowing exactly what your business needs to get started can be difficult. Each of our personalized guides are unique to your industry and even includes Cannabis retailers. Find what licenses, forms, and permits you need to start your business in New Jersey. Learn the requirements of each application, find out what you get after submitting your application, and store critical business identification numbers all in one place.

Funding & Certifications

Two example opportunity cards from the My Profile application as examples: small business lease grant funding details and veteran-owned business certification details.
Don't leave money on the table. Find out if you are eligible for State funding opportunities. Learn about potential grants, tax credits, technical assistance programs, and more. If you are a minority-owned, woman-owned, veteran-owned, or small business, you can find out which certifications apply to you and increase your chances of getting government contracts.

...and More

Example of the calendar in the My Profile application with upcoming due dates for annual report and license renewal. Example of progress bar with the heading to check available names and form your business.
Get your free, personalized, step-by-step guide. You can track your progress, check the status of applications, speak to NJ-based business advocates, and more!

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This information is supplied as a guide and is not a substitute for legal or professional advice. It is the responsibility of the business owner to comply with all local, county, and state regulations even if they are not listed here. For no-cost assistance with your business, use the to speak with a Business Advocate based in New Jersey.